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Ace Pride Keychain

Ace Pride Keychain

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Tablet weaving is an Iron Age method of creating sturdy trims, bands, and belts by twisting threads around one another using tablets or cards with multiple holes. The patterns made with this technique can be surprisingly complex! This particular pattern is a variation on a design found among the grave goods of two 9th-century women buried in the Oseberg Ship in Norway.  

These keychains are part of the Here All Year Collection: 10% of proceeds will go towards the Transgender Law Center's Trans Health Legal Fund. 

  • Dimensions: 4"x1.25"
  • Content: 100% cotton band 
  • Care: hand wash only

Please note that our weaving studio has a feline occupant. While everything is washed and kept away from Miss Cordelia and her voluminous floof after finishing, if you have severe cat allergies you may consider washing your item again before use.

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